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Bubusheng Cloth Shoe Culture Village
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    The history of Bubusheng health preserving cloth shoes can be caste back to Three Gorges Cloth Shoes Art of Han Dynasty. In 2004, the parent company was set up at the eastern gate of the Three Gorges region----Zhijiang City, and then at the end of 2007, 55 million was invested to build up the biggest culture village of China in Zhijiang City, at the junction of Hanyi High Speed, named Bubusheng Cloth Shoes Culture Village. It covers 20,000 square meters,including traditional art presentation and experiencing museum of spinning and cloth shoes making, Chinese cloth shoes museum, wonder stone museum of Chinese generation culture, Mother’s Restaurant,Wellness Recreation Center, etc. By following Bubusheng Mode----“Corporation﹢Mother”, nowadays Bubusheng corporation has developed three filials in three places: the Three Gorges region, Changyang region, and Xingshan, it owns about 8,000 fixed staff, including those who “working at their leisure”. By far, Bubusheng corporation has been ranked as poverty job training base of Hubei Province, the specific corporation offering ethnic minorities-needed-commodity nationally. Bubusheng creatively promoting the scale production of Chinese traditional cloth shoes indicates standardization and industrialization of Three Gorges cloth shoes making.
    Bubusheng cloth shoes advocates logos of “culture, nature and health”, which quite correspond to current international mainstream, it has the essence of Three Gorges Specialty, it is the rarity of folk art with regional features. Although being as a state-level non-material cultural heritage, it has creatively developed its unique over handing and sole-entwining skills, which make the cloth shoes more coriaceous, more wearable and more beautiful. Bubusheng Corporation has also taken part in drawing up provincial and local standards for cloth shoes, which are nonexistence before in Hubei Province. Especially Bubusheng gifting shoes, as our hit product, is the best gifting choice among relatives, politicians, businessmen and tourists, and up to now, Bubusheng cloth shoes has been ranked as 1 of 10 Specialties in the Three Gorges region, the Famous Mark and the famous-brand product of Hubei Province, moreover, it has been ranked as the potential brand all over the country. At present, Bubusheng Corporation owns complete agent system and countrywide direct selling net, and also successfully opened market doors of Honkong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe and America.
    Nowadays, Bubusheng has dabbled in different businesses, including catering, accommodation, touring, shopping and entertainment. We have homely food as delicious as if cooked by Mum, we have Bubusheng Quadrangle for resting, we have Chinese traditional craft garden for experiencing, we have Bubusheng cloth shoes for shopping, and we still have foot bath, Oxygen Bar for relaxing. As the launching of the 500 acres “Bubusheng Cultural Creation Garden”, Bubusheng aims to become national employment training center for women, 5A tourist science spot and internationally renowned tourism commodity brand, to make Bubusheng well-known all over the world.

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